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Arrow Church

Arrow Church is a new church startup currently building its launch team in Raleigh. The team meets in homes following a meeting schedule of 2-1-1. The first and third week of every month is a bible study, the second week of every month is a community cookout, and the last week of every month the team finds ways to serve the community. Arrow exists to seek and create a space where everyone feels included and wants to attend and connect. If interested in attending a bible study, joining us for a meal at a cookout, or partnering with us to meet a need in the community click here to fill out the contact card and Christian will reach out to you.



Christian and Heather Sapp moved to Raleigh in June of 2018 with their two children Fiona (8) and Fallon (7). Native to the central Illinois area their whole lives, in January of 2017 they began to feel a tug on their hearts for the Raleigh area. Christian worked in corporate IT for seven years, and experienced the grind of long hours and busy days. Christian and Heather had zero interest in church, they were busy enough during the week, and felt no need to add to the chaos on another day. Nor did anything about church sound appealing to them.

That all changed when a close friend invited them to the opening service of a church plant in 2013 near their home. Christian and Heather both accepted Jesus Christ and got baptized that same year. God then began tugging on their heart to enter into a life of vocational ministry.

That calling was accepted in September of 2016, and in March of 2017 Christian began an eighteen month church plant residency with Bridgeway Community Church (Pekin, IL) to learn what it looks like to lead a church.

Christian and Heather have a desire to plant a church where all people feel included and welcomed to connect, and ask questions churches have typically avoided.